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Why Search Engine Optimization and Digital marketing in Nepal in 2019 is important?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a hot topic right now in the era of Internet dominated society. Every company is running after the person who can rank them in the Google’s first page. The race is more and more getting tougher each day. These days SEO is mainly focused around the Google Search engine. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. These days many of us hear in 2019 is “SEO is dead”, “SEO is no more”. Some of them rebrand it as “Search Experience Optimization”. Many thinks SEO is a Magic or SEO is Myth. In Nepal SEO is still in its baby steps. Many thinks SEO is easy to do. Many Companies hires SEO Specialist or hire an agency, they sign the contract paper, the next day they call the specialist or agency and says, “Sir my page is not ranking in google.” Many thinks it’s a magic that will rank your page in google overnight.

SEO is not a magic, SEO is not Myth, SEO is not a hoobadobba that will rank your page in the google overnight. “Search engine optimization is a strategic planning and work to brand your company or product through Google.” It’s giving the content to your users, its making your client know that you exist. Search engine optimization in 2019 is understanding your audience and user intention. In Nepal the basic understanding of all the company, website, blog, business owners are SEO is just about ranking. The concept that all these owners of business having in minds are very wrong. Search engine Optimization in 2019 is no more about ranking, It’s about what the users and consumers wants from your company or business.

Seth Besmertnik CEO of Conducter says, “There is one simple answer to this: give your customer value. If you know what your consumers/customers need/want and give it to them, you will SEO tremendously. There is only one algorithm that matters: Your customers – and their hearts, minds, and souls.” Yes, Google has too many algorithms in fact it’s like a zoo, Google Panda update, Google Penguin update, Google humming bird update etc. Google wants to deliver faster and more relevant content or results to its user that’s the main goal through there humming bird update.

Now in 2019 the main thing is Mobile-first websites. In 2015 the year of mobile started, in that year mobile searches overtook the desktop searches for the first time on Google. In 2015 google lunched the first mobile friendly algorithm. From that point onwards google has prioritized mobile friendly websites more and more than mobile non-friendly websites. The algorithm is designed to give the users the most relevant and timely results, weather the information is a mobile-friendly web pages or mobile.

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In Nepal’s context many companies don’t have website and even though they have website that are not mobile friendly. That’s why SEO for those kind of website is a lots of hard work. The main customer of SEO in Nepal are Trekking companies and Hotels.  The websites of trekking companies are well managed and well maintained. Many trek companies has hired big name SEO consultant for their companies. But besides the tourism industry other businesses rarely compete in SEO. If I search for some business or products main Indian websites are still dominating our google search results.

Local SEO and Google maps are also poor for more than 60% of websites of Nepal. Many companies don’t even bother to put map in their websites and they are really hard to find. So all the websites should integrate the google maps in websites for Local SEO. The first and foremost thing to do SEO in Nepal is every company should start doing Local SEO. Some of the steps to take while doing Local SEO are:-

  • Get the google my business page.
  • Create the Local listing
  • Improve your website loading time
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly
  • Start doing website Optimization
  • Start doing off page optimization and reach out local business
  • Always ask your customers and consumers to write the reviews. Let them know that they have voice too
  • Optimize your Social Profile as much as you can.
  • Implement Schema Markup for your website
  • Connect to local influencers and ask them to promote you.
  • Optimize your website for “Near Me” Keyword.
  • Create a local map or integrate google maps on your website for location
  • Study your competitors and reach out to the local listing that they are listed for.
  • Feature and advertise yourself in local news and media.
  • Reach out to the Influencers and promote your website.

If our Nepalese business owners wants to list their websites in the google, they must focus on Local SEO to promote their business.

So Digital Marketing and Search engine optimization in 2019 and beyond is a challenge in Nepali market. As the SEO algorithm changes the websites should also be updated but overall our websites should provide relevant informations to our users. Our search results should match the Search intents. This is how all the SEO must be done putting the users and search intents above thwe google guideline.

In the year 2019 all the business owners in Nepalwith website must focus on mainly

  • Creating Infographics.
  • Bulding the webpage so you rank in Knowledge panel.
  • Create the Content that is very rich and informative for the users.
  • Focus Manly on Voice Search and Visual Search.
  • With the rise of AI, Machine learning and Data Science google is updating its algorithm so the users get the best results, so poor contents wont rank in coming days.
  • Focus on Local SEO more than anything so the google search engine do not promote indan business in Nepalese Search results.
  • The more and more Featured Snippet in google is getting the number 1 spot in search results, we should be focusing on ranking in featured snippet.
  • Rank in Knowledge Panel with your business phone number, email address, ratings and hours of operation.
  • And at last be visible as much as you can to dominate the market. Use every part of the results to create search experience.

So in the end, I wanna urge all nepalese business website owners to optimize beyond the seach engine focus more on the searchers then the algorithm. Optimize your content for people and users. Let the businesses of Nepal reach the consumers through google and let the search experience of users be satisfying so they keep coming back to your business.

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